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As the world transforms, urban landscape transforms. People with unmistakable personal style and passion, influence and craft our urban existence, providing it with new solutions relentlessly. DA Designs is the design engine that powers the dreams of these people who take the world to the next level. Be it new age residences, offices, cafes or any other project, we make planning, designing, building and creativity possible for those with new zeal and ideas. Its a partnership to craft a new environment based on inventiveness and use of resources, where people like their work and themselves more. With new age materials available and the trend of out-of-the-box solutions, we believe now is a better time than ever to counter each challenge of space and time. 

DA designs aims to provide its clients with professional architectural and interior design services that achieve a balance between contextual, aesthetic, environmental, quality and cost considerations. We provide integrated design services viz concept design, master planning, architecture and interior design.


Anjali Birodkar

Founding Partner | Bachelor of architecture | Mumbai

Anjali completed her Bachelors in Architecture from Mumbai University in 2000. She focuses on Simplicity, Minimalism and Sustainability as the three pillars that govern the aesthetic and design process. Devesh and she head a team of architects, interior designers, space stylists, 3D visualisers and site engineers for overall co-ordination of design and execution of projects.



Devesh Birodkar

Founding Partner | Bachelor of architecture | Mumbai

Devesh powers the core design philosophy at Da Designs that's summed up in three words - Explore, Innovate and Evolve. Completing his Bachelors in Architecture from Mumbai University in 2000, Devesh, a technology buff, founded Da Designs along with Anjali, in 2002. Da Designs has grown leaps and bounds, and now specialises in projects for hospitality, commercial and residential segments with both architecture and interior design solutions.



Meenakshi Kapoor

Interior Designer and Stylist | Mumbai

Meenakshi is a design guru, an authority on aesthetics. She understands the world of art. Patterns, colour combinations, modern designs and art speak to her, giving her a natural flair for interior and furnishing ideas. She is inspired by nature and its beautiful and inimitable patterns. Her easy originality and creativity is the heart of the design engine at Da Designs.